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2120 S Wayside Dr G Houston,TX 77023 
Check Loans
2120 S Wayside Dr G
HoustonTX 77023
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At Check Loans, our mission is to provide our customers with speedy financial assistance in their time of need! Our brand loans are the fastest in personal installment loans up to $1,340 in Houston, TX and its surrounding areas. We respect our customers time, so we have made our loan process fast and easy!

Our success is based on our customers repeat business and our goal is to provide the highest level of customer service in every way. The best compliment you can offer us is through referrals and we offer referral rewards to our valued customers! We love serving our customers; and when it comes to providing you with a low-cost, simple-interest loan, we're proud to boast having the lowest interest rates in the area.


  • Fast funding
  • Family friendly
  • Personal service
  • Bad credit loans
  • Quick online application
  • Other factors besides credit score

To best serve you, we are bilingual in English and Spanish.

For a quick approval decision, go to our loan pre-approval form! Call (713) 677-0849 to speak with a representative today!

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